Our product range includes tomatoes and peppers. Our main product type for tomatoes include bunch, berry, cherry and cocktail tomatoes and for peppers include California Wonder and capia pepper in red, orange and yellow colors.




No hormones are used in production. Instead, bumble bees are used for pollination in our greenhouses. Our products are produced using the soilless agriculture method. In the soilless agriculture method, plants are produced in a controlled manner in different cultivation environments. As a result of this method, we provide healthy, high-quality and long-lasting products. In this method, all the nutrients that plants need for growing are transmitted through emitters to plant where all nutrient mixes are prepared by computer controlled systems.  

Another extremely important factor for healthy plant growth and photosynthesis is carbon dioxide. Our greenhouses’ controlled atmosphere is enriched with carbon dioxide by gasification ofliquid carbon dioxide. As a result of all these applications, quality and taste of our products are improved.

In the traditional greenhouse production methods, over use of drugs to fight with plant diseases and over use of fertilizers create a potential danger for human health and the environment. At this point, it is better understood that soilless production technique is an environment friendly method.

In all of our pepper greenhouses, biological control method is used to fight against harmful insects since 2008. We are continuously working on this system in order to implement it to tomatoe production. Ultimately, we aim to reach a production cycyle with no pesticides. 



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