Our products are produced in compliance with international standards under the supervision of our expert technical team and giving maximum importance to the environment and human health. In order to provide this, the GLOBALGAP standards guide us. 

GLOBALGAP, is the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP: Good Agriculture Practice) protocol of the European Retailers Working Group on Agricultural Products.

GLOBALGAP supports continuous improvement of the methods, and technologies related to agriculture on the basis of the principles of  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Integrated Pest Management (IPM: Integrated Pest Management) and Integrated Crop Management (ICM: Integrated Crop). 


GLOBALGAP Certificate certifies that the products do not contain any harmful chemicals, physical and microbiological residues to human health, produced without polluting the environment and without harming the natural balance and it also certifies that humans or other living beings are not negatively affected during the production, and the products are processed in compliance with agricultural legislation of the country where the products are grown and where the consumers exist.

The reason for emergence of such standards is the importance of protecting the "brand value". Özaltın Greenhouse will continue its production without compromising quality standards of GLOBALGAP, to meet changing tastes of  both domestic and international customers.





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