In the agricultural sector, I decided to use my knowledge and experience that I gained as a result of the investments that I have done in different sectors during my business life which was started in 1965. To this end, in 1997, I established the largest greenhouse facility of the region in Serik town of Antalya.

As I aimed to produce the best in every sector that I invested so far, I aimed to produce the best quality in the agricultural sector too. Henceforth, we will develop new projects for Turkish agriculture and we will continue to be pioneer with new systems and new ideas. As Özaltın Greenhouse, we will continue to be a preferred brand both in Turkey and abroad because of our healthy and high quality products


-Nuri Özaltın

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Aşağıçatma Köyü Pk. 64 Serik Antalya Turkey+90 242 722 54 12